💡 Hi! I'm Cami, Freelance Growth Marketer

I help climate tech companies get more customers using the power of data 🥳

I create marketing and sales strategies that attract and retain new customers.


== WHAT I DO ==

I work with marketing and sales teams in climate tech companies to create and help implement marketing & sales strategies tailored to each client's goals.

== HOW I DO IT ==

Below you'll find a list of all the services I can provide. We'll work together to find out what needs to be done to reach your business goals.

💌 Marketing Strategy & Growth

  • Marketing Strategy: I help you define goals, analyze your market & competitors, identify your value proposition, define your target market + buyer's journey, set a clear product strategy, and outline the marketing activities needed to get you results.

  • Growth Marketing: User acquisition, experimentation, optimization, and A/B testing in the growth stage.

  • Lifecycle Marketing: I can help your company map out your customer journey, identify touch points, and find areas of improvement in order to increase customer acquisition and customer retention.

  • Customer Research: I can interview clients on your behalf in order to gain valuable insights of your target market, their frustrations, and their needs.

  • Marketing Tech Stack: Helping you evaluate and choose the right software for your business.

  • Email Marketing: Setting up, managing, and optimizing your email lists.

  • SEM: Keyword evaluation, campaign setup, and optimization.

🎨 Social Media & Content Marketing

  • Social Media Management: Social media marketing strategy, managing & growing social media channels, community engagement, and influencer marketing. This includes Youtube, Tik Tok, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and community platforms like Reddit or Discord.

  • Content Marketing: Content marketing strategy and content creation for SEO purposes or for social media.

  • Copywriting: In English or Spanish for marketing and sales materials, social media, email marketing, or anything else.

🤝 Sales Strategy

  • Sales Strategy: I can help you create sales forecasts, set yearly & quarterly sales goals, and set up your sales funnel and sales pipeline.

  • Freelance Sales Rep: I can help B2B clients with list building, cold outreach, lead generation, appointment setting, prospecting, and closing.

  • Sales Tech Stack: Helping you choose and manage CRM software and other sales tools.

💻 Other Services

  • Business Consulting: Setting up administrative and operational systems to help you increase productivity, and manage/grow your business.


== MY WORK ==

You'll find my portfolio on Contra.
I update it often so stay tuned for updates!



  • I have the experience and enthusiasm to take your business to the next level.

  • I'm reliable, responsible and will work my hardest to make sure you get the results you want.

  • I have an analytical background and make decisions based on data.

  • I have an established system working with clients, making our entire time working together as seamless as possible.

  • I offer excellent customer service.



If you’re a founder trying to launch a new product or service, reach out and let me know!I’m extremely passionate about helping entrepreneurs take their business from idea to launch, serving as a partner every step of the way.


I have 6 years of experience in both B2B and direct-to-consumer marketing, in industries including healthcare, online education, tech, and the creator economy.I have a Bachelor's in Business Administration from Andes University (one of the best business schools in LATAM), and a Master's in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from INSA Business School in Barcelona.Aside from being a freelance marketer, I'm a tech entrepreneur, a Youtuber, and a digital nomad.

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